Post Autumn Scavenger Hunt Wrap

October 7, 2021

Welcome to our Autumn Scavenger Hunt!

Thank you for participating in our first scavenger hunt! In this post, we will recap the riddles, their solutions, and the grand prize key.

When designing the riddles, we aimed to strike a balance between accessibility and challenge. We included a little XRP lore, some technical puzzles, and some basic wordplay. The imageboard folks solved Riddles II and III in 9 and 39 minutes, respectively, while Riddle IV proved to be one of the more difficult ones.

In addition to solving the riddles, a bit of game theory was involved, with players making deals to share the prize. It was fascinating to see how different people used different thought processes to solve the riddles, with some making connections that weren't there, going into rabbit holes of red herrings, and everything in between.

The Riddles


If you listen to this video in reverse playback at double speed and pitch up an octave, you can use Shazam or search lyrics to identify the song. If you search for that video on YouTube and match it with the image of the record, you would be led to the video for Greyhound - Moon River, with the answer in the comments.



The key part of the clue was "Our second favorite food truck is apparently closed. We haven't had tacos for almost a month." For those who have been following the Jed McCaleb saga in relation to XRP, they turned to his settlement wallet, named tacostand, which stopped doing it's daily sales about a month ago. The answer was found by looking at the transaction logs for the tacostan wallet here, and finding a payment from with the answer in the memo.



The poem referenced different XRP YouTubers, but the key was in the last line:

"On Tuesday minted Greyhound while Bull’s mic sounded funny."

Greyhound was created on August 24, 2021, which could be found in a couple places, namely (infinite thanks and appreciation to the work they do in tracking and organizing the XRPL token explosion - it's definitely not an easy job). From there, you could look up the videos for each content creator working backwards from the mint date. Each video has a comment from a Greyhound-logo account that was a letter in the answer.



This one was incredibly difficult. Despite the vague clue of "Maybe you should check out the rest of our website and see what you can find," people instantly noticed the star map added to the top of the Greyhound main page. With a little digging (and inspect element), people found a [link](