Post Winter Scavenger Hunt Wrap

February 1, 2022

Welcome to our Autumn Scavenger Hunt!

Hey there, Hounds!

This Winter Hunt was another scavenger hunt looking for the secret key to a wallet. In the autumn hunt, the goal was for the master key of an XRP wallet. This time around, it was for the secret numbers to a XUMM XRP wallet. 8 six-digit numbers, 8 riddles. Let's dive in.

Riddle 1 - 457367

Country Flags

To solve this, you just needed the letter count from each country* (Chad - 4, Japan - 5, etc) *USA counted as 3

Riddle 2 - 621326

Greyhound Tweets

Without any other context, this one was tricky.

To make sense of the SEACH DEEPE, you would need to wait until riddles 4 and 6, which said SEARCH DEEPER. The prompt was in reference to the word searches, which were all tweeted with SEARCH in capitals, where constellations lay hidden within. We had 3 riddles tied to the word searches. The missing R was the clue, pointing people to look at the word search deeper for the missing letter, which was J.

The Greyhound tweet screencaps were the guide to the answer, but could only be solved after finding the constellations.

  1. Nov 15 - CMC and Coingecko (scorpio - word search 6)
  2. Nov 22 - Power Piggy (sagittarius - word search 2)
  3. Sep 29 - Autumn Hunt (libra - word search 1)
  4. Aug 24 - Greyhound minted (virgo - word search 3)
  5. Dec 25 - Winter Hunt (sagittarius - word search 2)
  6. Nov 12 - Bitrue vote and burn (scorpio - word search 6)

Riddle 3 - 161718

Utopia TV Show Screenshots

We threw red herrings in the pictures by specifically taking screenshots that included numbers. The answer was to identify the show, then the episodes. The screenshots, in order, came from S1E6, S1E7, and S1E8 (The person that won the prize for solving this riddle first earned it).

Riddle 4 - 466225

Arms Linking

The answer to this also depended on solving all the word searches. To get 466225, count the total amount of words in each word search that are touching another word.

Riddle 5 - 253740

Rocket Suit

When we launched the Winter Hunt, we changed the top of our website to a Christmas-themed picture of Rosie on a rocket. Her suit had a light on the front that didn't come on until this riddle was posted, and has been blinking 253740 in Morse code since.

Riddle 6 - 531411


To answer this, you had to