Greyhound Added To Bitrue

November 15, 2021

Hey, Greyhounds!

It's been a crazy week for us and we just want to check in with the community.

Last Friday, we finished our Bitrue vote with over 30 million votes cast for Greyhound! This makes us one of the top four XRPL projects on Bitrue. You guys absolutely smashed it and we're so grateful for the support. We're now trading on Bitrue as a live pair against USDT. You can check it out here:

Now that we're listed on a major exchange, we can take some major steps forward. We are in the process of getting Greyhound listed on price-tracking websites as well as looking into Bitrue's "Power Piggy" to allow our hodlers to earn passive income. We will keep the community in the loop through all of these developments.

This is only the beginning for us. We are working on some very exciting innovations and events behind the scenes, but we aren't quite ready to spill our secrets... An updated version of our whitepaper will be released soon. Make sure to follow us on our Twitter and join our Discord to get all the updates.

Until next time, -The Greyhound Dev Team