Building the next generation of Gaming Applications on blockchain.


$HOUND: The Token Designed To Become Scarce

Greyhound (ticker: HOUND) is a deflationary token running on the low-cost, high-speed XRPL. Each transaction incurs a 1.5% burn meaning as the community grows and utility increases, the supply shrinks.

Gaming Applications

Play, Win, Burn

The games will integrate gamified NFTs and will involve the burning of our deflationary token, $HOUND. Players will have the chance to win rewards (in $HOUND or XRP).


Community Games

Players compete against each other to solve riddles and puzzles to win prizes in $HOUND and XRP. Most games require speed, others intellect and some patience.



The foundation of our applications. V1 will enable holders to display their assets and trophies, trade their $HOUND & NFTs, access games/events, view the richlist, and analyze their transaction history.


Project X

The first original Greyhound game will launch over Q3 2023. The $HOUND token will be required to play. Closed beta will be available to greyhound community members before release. Development in Q3 and Q4 will bring integration of gamified NFTs.

Dashboard is LIVE

The Greyhound dashboard is finally here!
Click below and connect your wallet to access all of the amazing features.
Balance card
Transactions card

The future of Greyhound

Phase 01.

  • Website v2.5
  • Whitepaper v2
  • Dashboard v1 launch
  • Houndies NFT airdrop
  • Houndies NFT public mint
  • Summer Community Event

Phase 02.

  • Logo on XUMM
  • XRPL Dashboard beta + v1
  • Project X beta + v1
  • Project Y beta + v1

Phase 03.

  • Gamified NFT collection release
  • Project X v2 release
  • Greyhound Gaming Xapp
  • Collaboration w/ Game Studios
  • To be revealed...