Happy Birthday Hounds!

August 24, 2022

It's our first birthday!

Hey Greyhound community!

What a year it's been! Let's take a look back at the wild ride we've had so far 👇

Before Greyhound, we were just five friends who met online with a shared interest in the XRPL. Five aspiring developers from all over the world with different backgrounds and skill sets. When we started Greyhound, we knew straight away it had potential to be something special. We had so much fun doing up the early riddles and interacting with the community. We've met some incredible people who motivate us to work hard every day. Like every project in the space this year, we've had massive challenges to overcome, but we feel like we're on the right path to success now. What started as a hobby is now turning into a business with structure and vision. Some of us have recently quit our jobs to work full-time on Greyhound.

It's been a turbulent, unpredictable year in the crypto space, but it seems things are finally looking up! All we can say is that we're still here fighting to make Greyhound a success, and we're not going anywhere. We have big plans that are taking shape behind the scenes. There is a clear direction for the project, and we're optimistic that we can deliver. We've put in the hard yards over the first year, but now we can start showing everyone who the top dog of the XRPL is!

Thanks to our incredible community for supporting us throughout this journey. We couldn't have made it this far without you. Here's to many more years of success and growth for Greyhound!

Until next time, -The Greyhound Dev Team