We won an XRPL Grant from Ripple!

January 13, 2023

Hey, hounds!

We're delighted to announce that we won a wave 4 XRPL grant from Ripple!

It's an honor to have our future development supported by an organisation that we've looked up to for years. We are so grateful to Ripple and also to our amazing community who have never stopped believing in us.

As most of you know, our development over the last nine months has been focused on the dashboard. We want to take that idea and bring it to the next level! Behind the scenes, we've been conceptualizing a completely new type of XRPL dashboard that will be modular to fit the needs of different XRPL users, regardless of what projects they want to follow and what types of trading/analysis tools they use. We want everything in one place so the user can pick and choose what they want on their own unique XRPL home page.

We're aiming to launch the v1 modular dashboard in mid-Summer. To follow best practices, we will be building this from the ground up. That means it will replace the current dashboard. We will be constantly updating the community on our progress throughout the development and we will use them as much as possible to get feedback. We're building this for YOU so we need your help shaping it.

To cope with the expansion of the project scope and associated extra workload, we will be bringing in at least one new developer. The majority of the funds from our grant will go towards that cost. We will drop more details later on the job posting, so if you might be interested in joining us, make sure you follow us on socials to get updates.

Until next time,

  • The Greyhound Dev Team